About Boracay


Touted as one of the Philippines’ premier tourist destination, Boracay is a tropical paradise off the province of Aklan in the Philippines, and is internationally known for its fine, white sand beaches that captivate every adventurer and nature lover’s heart. It is a very small yet fascinating island that only stretches up to 7 kilometers with a width of only 1 kilometer at its narrowest.

It wasn’t until the 1970’s that tourism reached the island. Word of its pristine beauty was spread by European Backpackers until mainstream tourists started to take notice. In just a span of 10 years, the whole world has discovered the beautiful island of Boracay ranging from back packers to upscale tourists.

Yet despite its rapid growth and commercialism, Boracay has managed to preserve some of its beaches. A good example of this is Yapak Beach located at the back of the popular White Beach. There, it is still possible to walk on a deserted beach and enjoy peace and solitude. It is more popularly known as Puka Beach from the shell that was once endemic to this part of the island.

  • Zone 1 – White Beach, Boat Station 1
    Many of the islands best resorts and hotels are located here
  • Zone 2 – White Beach, Boat Station 2
    Resorts as well as retail shops, restaurants, cafes and supermarkets
  • Zone 3 – White Beach, Boat Station 3
    Bungalows and affordable accomodation can be found nearby
  • Zone 4 – Bulabog Beach
    Accomodation ranging from bungalows to resorts, a great area to enjoy water sports
  • Zone 5 – Other Areas of Boracay
    Private resorts with own pools and private recreational activities

How to Get to Boracay

Going to Boracay is no longer difficult these days as several airlines fly passengers regularly to the island. For foreign tourists, there are quite a number of international flights that can bring you to the capital of the Philippines. You may check with the airline carriers in your specific countries for flights to Manila.

From Manila, you may choose from the different airlines like Philippine Airlines (PAL), Cebu Pacific Air, AirPhil Express, Southeast Asian Airlines (SEAIR), and Zest Airways to fly you to the island of Caticlan or Kalibo. These two are the only airports that are nearest Boracay. Caticlan is one of the jump-off points to Boracay whose flights are more expensive than Kalibo. Since it has a shorter runway, it can only accommodate propeller-type planes. Kalibo, on the other hand, can accommodate the airbus so a lot more people prefer this airport. There are about 16 flights a day to these airports so you may have all your flights within a day.

Accommodations in Boracay

If you have seen pictures of Boracay Island, you will realize that a vast range of accommodations are available. From fan rooms to lavish 5 star hotels, you can take your pick. There are hotels which provide its guests the luxurious service that we all want. There are also modern apartments, condos, and villas that are made of native materials that give its guests that closer feel to nature. For honeymooners, there are cozy single bedroom honeymoon suites that give you privacy and romantic ambiance. For families and friends, there are also suites and multi-bedroom houses that can accommodate large groups.

For those who would love to wake up to the sound of the brushing waves, you can opt to take the beachfront rooms. In this location, you will wake up to the shining seawaters, enjoy breathtaking sunrise and sunset views, and feel the fine texture of the white sand as you step out of your room. For the rooms that are at other parts of the island, a fun 5-10 minutes of healthy walking will bring you to the beach. The best part of this is you get to explore the rest of island including the restaurants and boutiques.

Visitors to Boracay Island                                                                                        

Boracay is considered a haven for almost all sorts of people especially for those who love the beach and its activities. Honeymooners see this place as a perfect site to enjoy each other’s company and do fun things together. Families also come here to spend their vacation together as well as friends who would like to reunite and reminisce the old times.

People from all walks of life continue to put Boracay at the top of their vacation list because there is just so much to see here including a very lively nightlife at restaurants and bars.

What to see and do in BoracayWith the beaches being the main attraction of Boracay, there are several activities that you can do apart from just swimming.

For those who are water enthusiasts, you can opt to see the marine life in the shallower part of the water by snorkeling or see the more vivid marine life up close and personal by scuba diving. There are a lot of scuba diving centers that are PADI certified whose diving instructors will be glad to train you and equip you with the necessary skills. They can also rent out their equipment and scuba gears.

Surfing is another popular activity to do on the island. Amazingly colorful sails rise up to the top of the waters as tourists explore and feel the gush of wind against their shoulders.

If you want to feel the sand in between your toes, you can have a game of Frisbee with friends or play beach volley with other tourists. These will surely get you some fun and exercise and allow you to meet new people.

Sunbathers can also laze in the lounge chairs provided by the resorts. But if the sun seems too intense on this tropical island, palm and coconut trees abound that can provide you shelter and some cool breeze.

Boracay is also home to an 18-hole world-class golf course. Sign up for the rounds at the clubhouse.

Boracay also boasts of activities that keep its tourists coming for more. Tourists have the option to rent a sailboat to see the rest of the island, get a massage by the beach and unite with nature, go shopping at D’Mall, and eat gastronomic delights and sip shakes that are unique to the island. As if these are not enough, people can also explore the following activities:

  • Island hopping- the beaches and sands of Boracay are not the only source of the island’s pride. Other smaller islands and private resorts abound around Boracay. By renting a banka, one gets to explore the best natural sites of the place. One can also hop from one island to another by kayaking for an hour.
  • Mountain Biking- if one has already seen the best of the beach, mountain biking can be another thrilling experience for tourists. It is a guided trail trip around the forest-covered areas of Boracay.
  • Snorkeling- what fun it would be to see the magnificent world under water?
  • Frisbee and volleyball games- for people who are into beach sports, these two are the best activities.
  • Banana boat rides- exploring the vast seas of Boracay on board a bouncy banana boat dragged by a speedboat sounds like a lot of fun.
  • Windsurfing- is increasingly becoming popular on the island. With competitions happening during the month of February each year, your vacation will never be the same and usual. There are also available equipment for rent and schools where one can learn to windsurf.
  • Beach party- even the hardest party person will still want more from Boracay’s beach party scene.

More Activites

Where to find beach parties in Boracay?

While Boracay beaches are the best place to find tranquility and peace during the day, it can turn into the liveliest night life as the sun bids goodbye.

It may be said that people should not play with fire, but the Poi Dancers really do not mind. Known as fire dancers, these talents bring more thrill and adrenaline rush especially for those who watch them and their tricks. They can usually be found on the sands by the beach front. Once you get a glimpse of them, you won’t be able to get your eyes off them.

But for people looking for music, dancing, guys, and gals, here is a list of where to catch them:

  • Hey Jude- techno and disco music echo through this party place as guests and tourists dance under the night sky in this open air bar. A DJ adds to the cool ambience but still keeps the rates affordable and ideal.
  • Cocomangas- Cocomangas is the perfect place to show off those dance moves. The place is very much different from the big cities’ discotheque facilities as it has its own rugged fixtures. People can come in any attire they are most comfortable with.
  • Moondogs- located in station 1.

When one is in Boracay, there is no need to really find a particular place to party because it is, by itself, the life of the party. In fact, year after year, party events sponsored by some of the biggest organizations happen in this very island. For one, FHM held its Bikini Heaven Party in 2011 in the island as part of its 11th anniversary. It featured a one-night only, hot and sexy beach party. So if you are thinking about a place to relax and have a taste of fun, think no more and think no further. Boracay is the perfect place for partying, partying, and more partying!

Communicating with the People

Filipinos are not native English speakers; however, communicating with them is no problem because the Philippines is considered as one of the best English speakers in Asia. Even the most common and ordinary people on the island can understand and speak the international language fluently.

So think no further. Book that flight and accommodation and SEE AND EXPERIENCE BORACAY.